Winter skin care routine for dry skin homemade

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In winter, skin loses moisture ,becomes dry and dull, what can we do to make skin glowing and healthy in winter ?.We become lazy in winter.Don’t want to follow our skin care routine.Even don’t want to touch water and make excuses not to wash face,So make simple winter skin care routine.

Winter skincare routine dry skin

winter skin care routine dry skin

Dry skin most suffers in this season,if dry skin people not give proper moisture to skin, then they feel itching ,redness,flaky dead skin,even burning sensation .If you have tried everything and fed up of long list of products ,then one ingredients for your all skin problem, that is glycerin. Glycerin is life saver for dry skin people.You can use this in any form as a moisturizer,as a toner ,as a cleanser,you can read full information here about Glycerin uses.

Easy and simple winter skincare for dry skin

Before start skincare remove your makeup ,you can use Almond oil or Coconut oil for remove makeup.if you don’t use makeup, then directly go for first step .


homemade face wash

Use mildest face wash for your face,don’t wash your face more than one or two time.If extremely dryness,then use face wash on alternate day,But when we skip washing face even for a single day ,then layer of whole day dirt and products which we have used on face will remain on face,that is not good ,so use home made face wash.You can wash your face one day with foaming face wash and other day with homemade face wash.

Homemade face wash

Take Fuller’s earth(multani mitti) piece in your hand .Rub in your both palm,you will get some lotion like consistency in your hand ,add little water and again rub it.Now mix half spoon honey on your palm rub it mix it well.Now apply this on your face,Wash your face with this, as you wash your face with face wash’s foam

Another option is ,you can grind Fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and make powder of it ,this powder can be used with honey,but in this method paste become too thick ,it will not easily spread on face.You can use whatever you like.

You can skip this step or simply spray Rose water on face if you want,you can make homemade toner by rose water and glycerin,Take one drop glycerin and one drop rose water, apply on face.

Use a good moisturizer

winter skin care routine moisturizer
Moisturizer is main factor of this whole skincare routine,find a creamy and suitable moisturizer for your skin.A good moisturizer gives proper nourishment ,you can use

Nivea soft
Plum e luminence moisturizer
Aroma magic vitamin c day cream
Biotique morning nectar flawless lotion
VLCC Skin defence Liquorice cold cream

You can use any one from listed above or use your favorite, which is suited you.if your present moisturizer does not stay for long time than add vitamin e capsule in your moisturizer.

Weekly skin care
Use a homemade face mask once week ,you will not face any dead skin,blackheads and whiteheads problem by regular use of face mask.

Face mask for dry skin home remedy

face mask for dry skin home remedy

Besan(Gram Flour)
Fuller’s earth
Raw milk

Take 1 spoon Besan(Gram Flour), add half spoon Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti) ,add 1 spoon raw milk and honey,Mix it well ,consistency should be not  too runny and not too thick,So you can reduce or increase milk quantity, according to the consistency of the face pack .It should be easily spread on your face.leave it for 15 minute.Wash with lukewarm water,first splash some water on your face,rub your finger very lightly around your nose and chin and those places which are more problematic,dead skin will remove,After wash spray rose water and apply your moisturizer.

Besan(Gram Flour) fade all scars and spots from skin at the same time add fairness to our skin,Besan(Gram Flour) is main ingredient of all beauty mask from centuries,Best thing is that Besan(Gram Flour) suits to all skin type,Next is Fuller’s earth(multani mitti),Multanni mitti removes dead skin and make skin clear, Raw milk is a good cleanser,and a moisturizer,it will pull out all dirt from skin without leaving it dry,Honey has anti bacterial,anti inflammatory property,helpful to prevent acne and skin rashes,and a good cleanser and moisturizer.

How often should you use this mask
Once in a week

Hydrating pack
You can use this hydrating face mask or pack whenever you feel extreme dryness,redness ,itchiness on face,For hydration you can use glycerin and for redness and itchiness replace glycerin with honey.Make it according to your need.

Aloe vera gel
Glycerin or Honey

How to use
Take 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel in a bowl add half spoon glycerin or honey,apply a layer on your face ,leave it for 20 minutes,wash with normal water .if you want then you can use it as a night mask too.

How often should you use this mask
Thrice a week or whenever you need hydration.

Note:You can find numerous face mask on internet,but we can’t use every mask ,so choose most simple one and effective,if you choose too many ingredients then after some time, you will leave it due to laziness,so try to keep it simple so you can follow your routine regularly.

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