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No fancy and costly products, no home remedies or face mask and extra steps, only basic skincare changes by which you can treat dry flaky skin, and makes it normal, do little changes in your skincare, to treat dryness. Dry skin can be treated easily but flaky skin; it is hard to get rid of this, let’s see simple and easy tips to treat extra dry and flaky skin on the face.

flaky skin on face

An effective way to treat dry and flaky skin on the face

Some people have extra dry skin. It becomes flaky if we ignore it, you can see peeling skin around the nose and mouth and forehead. This kind of dryness can be cure by skincare with very few products. Within one week or less than this, you can get rid of flaky skin. Follow these steps –

    • First thing is to stop using soap. If you are still using soap on face and using it on daily basis, then it will increase your dryness on the top level, so the first important tip for dry skin people to stop soap and start using a good mild face wash. It is not important to wash your face twice with soap or face wash for a dry skin type. Change your routine; Wash your face at night time before sleeping with mild face wash.
    • Only night time proper cleaning is enough for you, in the morning you can use water, Or use honey and Multani mitti on alternate not daily, and it will not let layer up of dead skin on your face.
    • When you have cleaned your skin at night then you can start your day with face wash with normal tap water, why only tap water will clean your skin? This is because dry skin does not produce oil and sebum and you have already cleaned at night, so normal water is enough and it will help you to control dryness.
  • Apply a thick moisturizer, which can give you moisture to a whole day, Dry skin type should keep two types of moisturizer like Nivea light and Nivea original, when skin becomes extremely dry then use Nivea original for few days. When you feel you need a little amount of moisture then use Nivea light. You can use any moisturizer which is suitable for your skin. Wait for 5 minutes after applying moisturizer before going to next step.
  • Now use sunscreen, you can use a day cream with SPF, it will also work. Sunscreen is important for dry skin because sun rays make your dry skin sensitive, you will start itching rashes and other infection.S unscreen is must for every skin type.

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At Night Time

flaky skin on face


  • Wet your face and wash it with a normal soap-free face wash, which is suited to your skin.
  • Apply a thick layer of moisturizer.

And next morning Follow the above mention steps again which are-

  • wash your face with only normal water, and put moisturizer, after a few minutes use sunscreen.
  • In the morning you can use honey on alternate days and wash face wash with normal water

This skincare routine is perfect if you are not using makeup, it will protect your skin to get dry and flaky

If you strictly follow this routine, it will help you to get rid of flaky skin within one week .if you are feeling dry white dead skin on face, then remove this by using a good scrub. Raw milk and honey can remove dead skin from the face within the 2-3 application. Use it on alternate days. Raw milk and honey can be mild scrub to remove dead skin.

The important thing is face wash, Find a good face wash for you, if you are using a good face wash then it will solve your all problems, because, it can remove dirt dust, whiteheads and dead skin from your face. A good face wash does not let dead skin on the face so no need to extra step of scrubbing. How to choose a face wash for dry skin?

  • It should be mild and chemical free.
  • Fragrance-free
  • Not in gel form, Cream form or foaming face wash is a good option.
  • Face wash should be under all skin type categories or in for dry skin type. It should not be for oily skin and combination skin.

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Tips to choose a good moisturizer

  • It should not be in gel form.
  • Should be a buttery or thick consistency
  • Paraben free.
  • It should not be fairness cream, it will not give relief from dryness.

Note: Only three products are enough for dry skin people, No long list and layered up your skin with products. Face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen

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