Sandalwood Powder Face Pack Benefits

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Sandalwood used in many skin care ,Body care products, .Sandalwood also used to treat skin inflammation and skin disease. Used for religious purpose and for fragrance,Sandalwood has been used since long time ago to treat skin problems and to get healthy skin. It is used to treat acne, Tanning, for wrinkles, fairness. Here are some sandalwood powder face pack.

sandalwood powder face pack

Sandalwood Powder Face Pack

Two types of sandalwood available in market red and white sandalwood ,Here white sandalwood is recommended for all face mask. Sandalwood powder can be mix with other ingredients according to skin type,sandalwood powder face pack used to treat many skin problems. With daily use of sandalwood can get rid of dark circle and wrinkles. It also acts as an anti ageing product.

sandalwood powder face pack


Sandalwood Powder For Skin Whitening or Fairness

Sandalwood powder can improve skin complexion, Ingredients for this pack are..
Sandalwood powder
Besan (Gram Flour)
Rose water

Take 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder , Mix it with besan and pinch of turmeric ( If you use wild turmeric then it will be more effective ), Make a paste using rose water, if you have dry skin then you can add raw milk in it , Now apply on moist and clean face, Leave this for 15 minute , Wash with normal water. Use this twice in a week.

Use Pure Rose water
Sandalwood Face Pack For Acne Scars

For acne or acne scars if we use sandalwood stick and rub it on stone or a wooden surface, this paste is more effective in comparison of sandalwood powder , So if you can find sandalwood stick then use that stick, But if stick is not available then you can use powder.

Sandalwood powder
Rose water

Make this paste apply over on pimples, you can leave it for overnight, Or wash it in 20 minutes, Same pack can be apply on pimple marks to treat the spot, Use it daily on pimple, It will reduce inflammation, treat pimple fast.

Sandalwood Powder face pack for tan removing

Sandalwood powder can be used to treat a sunburn or tanning ,It has cooling effects, we need ingredients for this pack ..
Sandalwood powder
Lemon or Tomato juice

Take 1 teaspoon sandalwood powder add few drops of lemon or tomato juice,Make a paste using rose rose water add little bit honey into this only if you have dry skin , Apply this pack on face leave it for 15 minute wash with normal water, Use it twice a week. Tanning will be gone.

Multani Mitti and Sandalwood Face Pack For Oily Skin/Combination skin

Make a paste of multani mitti and sandalwood powder ,using rose water apply on face leave it for 20 minutes, use thrice in a week, this face pack is very good for oily skin type, Excess oil will be remove and pores will be minimize at the same time improves the skin complexion. Add half spoon honey for combination skin .

Raw milk and Sandalwood Powder Face Pack For Dry skin

Make a paste of sandalwood powder ,using raw milk, add half spoon honey in this paste,apply on face ,leave it for 15 minutes, use once a week, this face pack is very good for dry skin type, improves complexion, Treat dryness and make skin healthy.

Note : Sandalwood powder can be use by all skin type. You can buy sandalwood stick for the purest form, Easily available online Amazon or you can buy khadi sandalwood powder .

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