7 Amazing uses of Glycerine

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Glycerine is very thick but gel like consistency thing. Glycerine is sticky and sweeten in taste,two types of glycerine are available in market. Vegetable glycerine and synthetic glycerine,We can buy glycerine from medical store,but vegetable glycerine is much safe for skin care purpose. Here are some Glycerine uses for face.

how to use glycerine on face

Glycerine Uses For Face

Glycerine can be used in different ways for our skin care and body care routine,It is safe to use ,no side effect ,due to sticky nature of this product ,we should always mix with some other products, to get the amazing result.You can see Glycerine in many soaps and creams’s ingredients list.

How to use glycerine on face

glycerine uses for face

Glycerine can be used for cleansing the skin ,mix 1 table spoon glycerine with two spoon rose water ,soak a cotton pad in it ,wipe your face, all dirt will pull out on cotton pad.  It is an excellent cleanser.

2.Use with face wash 
If your facewash is harsh on your skin then make gentle with the use of glycerine ,mix few drops of glycerine at the time washing your face ,it will not dry your face.

3.As Moisturizer
Make a moisturizer with glycerine,mix 1:1 rose water and glycerine with few drops of lemon juice ,it will hydrate skin at the same reduce dark spots from skin.

4.Face Mask
Add few drops in your face pack to make face pack hydrating, it will moisturize your skin.

5.Increase Durability of Lotions /Creams
When winters about to come and when it goes ,that time we feel very dryness even moisturizer not stay more than 1 or 2 hour, in this situation apply a thin layer of rose water and glycerin mixture under your moisturizer you will feel no more dryness whole day.

If you use glycerine on regular basis, then your black heads and white heads will be lessen on side.It does not clog pores.

7.Skin Whitening
Glycerine rosewater and lemon mixture improves skin tone , It helps in skin whitening

Use daily at night as a night cream to prevent wrinkles..Glycerine can be used in hair mask to give scalp hydration and moistureMix some glycerine in vaseline ,apply on crack heels,wear socks,this remedies very effective for cracked heels
Note:Never use glycerine alone mix it with rose water.Don’t use it in humidity atmosphere,it will give you more stickiness, use in winters or whenever you feel dryness. 

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